Use DeltaSpike Snapshots

If you want to be at the bleeding edge, you can work with DeltaSpike snapshots. These are available from the Apache Snapshot Repository for use in Maven-based projects. To begin using them, you must configure Maven with the repository location and your projects with the snapshot version.

Snapshots provide previews of DeltaSpike during development. Snapshots are subject to change and may not yet include all expected features of the final release. Snapshots should not be used in production environments.

1. Configure Maven to Use the Apache Snapshot Repository

You must add the Apache Snapshot Repository to your Maven configuration settings.xml file. This ensures Maven can find the repository when it searches for your project DeltaSpike dependencies.

  1. Open your Maven configuration settings.xml file for editing

  2. Add the Apache Snapshot Repository to the list of repositories

  3. Save the settings.xml file changes

2. Configure Your Project with the Snapshot Version

With Maven configured for the Apache Snapshot Repository, you can specify DeltaSpike snapshot versions in your Maven-based projects.

  1. Open the project pom.xml file for editing

  2. Add the DeltaSpike snapshot version to the list of properties

  3. Save the pom.xml file changes