Contribute to the DeltaSpike Source

If you are looking to contribute to the DeltaSpike source, you must start with the latest version of the code base. DeltaSpike source is stored in the Apache Git repository at

It is also important that you follow the git workflows we have established for the project to ensure efficient and clean collaboration as detailed here.

1. Get the Source

  1. Checkout the source

    git clone

    or for a read-only mirror version

    git clone
  2. Update the repository clone

    git pull --rebase

2. Make Additions and Changes to the Source

Commits (and in the best case also patches), have to follow our "formatting rules". The following section provides settings for IDEs used by us.


Attached you can find the settings for formatting the source code. Import them via File | Import Settings


For Eclipse you can use this Code Formatter Profile. Import it via Window | Preferences | Java | Code Style | Formatter

3. Build the Source

Always build and test your changes before you make pull requests to the DeltaSpike repository. For instructions on building the source and running Arquillian tests, see Build and Test DeltaSpike from Source.

4. Make a Pull Request

Ensure your commits and pull requests follow the our established DeltaSpike GIT workflow.

Git Resources

For general information about Git and using Git, see the following: