Overview of DeltaSpike Modules

DeltaSpike consists of ready-to-use modules. These include a core module and a number of optional modules for providing additional enterprise functionality to your applications. An overview of each module is provided here and for more information see the linked individual module pages.


For fundamental and defining DeltaSpike API and utility classes

Bean Validation

For adding CDI support in Bean Validation, enabling creation of CDI aware ConstraintValidator methods that can use business objects (EJBs, ManagedBeans) to support validation needs

Container Control

For CDI container booting and shutdown and associated context lifecycle management


For an enhanced JPA experience with declarative queries, reducing boilerplate to a minimum


For transactional context and scope


For CDI integration with JSF, with type-safe view config, multi-window handling, new scopes (WindowScoped, ViewScope, ViewAccessScoped, GroupedConversationScoped) and integration with DeltaSpike “core” messages and exception handling


For implementing a generic handler to replace manual implementations of interfaces (or abstract classes)


For simple integration with Quartz v2 (default) or any other scheduler that supports cron-expressions for job-classes


For intercept and security checking on method calls


For integration with the Java Servlet API, enabling injection of common servlet objects and propagation of servlet events to the CDI event bus


For writing CDI-based tests easily